2017 Pricing Menu

HailStaff 2017 pricing options.

HailStaff offers staffing and recruiting as well as consulting and training services. Submit your application below (No setup fee.)

With over 5000 active candidates in our database and constant recruiting growing the list daily, we are quickly able to staff locations and recruit new candidates for direct hire.

Storm Staffing – Complete hiring and staffing solution.

We control the entire process from lead creation to agreement of estimate. You build the jobs and provide roofing crews, supervision and collection assistance. Submit application for final location pricing.

  • Fees are percentage based and vary by services required.
  • For complete location pricing workup, apply below.

Direct Hire Recruiting

Option 1 – Monthly no contract (Performance based fee structure)

Per Placement hiring service.  No contract. No commitment.

  • Pay as you go. Low entry. Start recruiting now!
  • Per placement fee
  • Retention guarantee

Additional Services

Hiring, training and consulting.  Contact us with your desires. Prices vary by services and consultant.

  • Maximize your storm opportunity with our guidance.
  • Prepare to dominate your market and next storm.
  • Install a structured system that works. From lead through sale to builds.

All applications held in the strictest of confidence and will not be shared or otherwise distributed outside of HailStaff LLC.
Thank you for your interest in using HailStaff staffing services.