Monthly sales role recruiting

Month to month. No long term commitment

Our simplest entry level recruiting service.

This is a monthly recruiting service for the sales representative role only. Please contact us if you are hiring for different roles or positions.

Our staffing and technology partnerships produce results individual companies can’t produce. We are elite level staffing partners with many top industry resume databases. This promotes your jobs and allows us to have the top state of the art staffing search tools.

How it works

  1. HailStaff advertises, searches and identifies qualified candidates.
  2. HailStaff places clients job openings to our network of recruiters.
  3. HailStaff pre-screens and phone screens to qualify applicants.
  4. Client receive pre-screened qualified candidates directly to their inbox.
  5. Client performs final interview and approves all new hires.
  6. Client reports hire date to HailStaff.

How much it costs

  • Monthly service fee of $595.00/per location (payable to start recruiting)
  • Per new hire placement fee of $995.00/new hire non-industry experience.
  • Per new hire placement fee of $1495.00/new hire with industry experience.
  • Each new hire guaranteed 15 days from new hire date.
  • Invoicing for new hires sent on 15th day after hire date.


  • Monthly service fee of $2595,00/per location (payable to start recruiting)
  • Expectations of 15-20 qualified sales candidates referred for interview
  • Expectations of 3-5 qualifying new hire sales associates placed.

How to get started

  • Fill out the form below.
  • Upon receiving, HailStaff will forward the invoice and terms to commence recruiting
  • A representative will contact and complete the hiring profile to accurately match candidates.

HailStaff looks forward to helping you reach your staffing goals!

Monthly recruiting

After receiving this form, HailStaff will forward invoice and additional documents needed to commence recruiting. A representative will reach out with any additional information needed.