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Advantages of staffing services

In addition to offering recruiting services to storm restoration contractors, HailStaff offers staffing services, adding training and management to the recruiting process. Staffing services come with many benefits for both the contractor as well as sales and management being staffed. Here are just a few. Work the BEST storms With our network of pre-approved contractors, you’ll have the ability to quickly deploy to the top storm areas without having to…

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Power of process

Process – a series of repeatable actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end goal. Process in storm restoration is crucial to success. Without it, you will waste and lose profits, struggle to keep sales generating representatives and internal employees. The top industry leaders all have a finely tuned job flow process. Everyone in the company understands their role in the process. Process is also a necessity…

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Storm response team

Do you have a passion for storm restoration sales and service? Are you professional, knowledgeable and customer service oriented? If experienced, do you thrive on being early to a storm and assisting homeowners in their time of need? If not experienced, are you a quick study, looking for a new career and have a desire for success and customer service? Are you willing to work outside, long hours, away from…

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Major industry pay trends

Industry wide, pay processes and rates are changing. Three trends are forming throughout the industry in regards to how sales associates and project managers are paid. For years, companies paid sales associates to sell, put the order together, monitor the build process and collect the jobs, often referred to as sell/build/collect and paid commissions based on an overhead (8-15%) and a split of profit after overhead is subtracted from the…

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Are you ready to hire?

Do you have everything in place to hire or ┬ábring in temporary staff? With each storm, we receive numerous phone calls requesting recruiting and/or temporary storm staffing. In many of these cases, I’m familiar enough with the company to know they are ready and serious. In many other cases, I don’t know the client yet and have to ask some key questions. Sometimes, this conversation can become uncomfortable to the…

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